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NEWSLETTER: The Risks of Feeding your Dog Raw Chicken

2018-03-13 17:09:49

  Recent research done at the University of Melbourne, has confirmed a link between feeding dogs raw chicken meat, and a disease called polyradiculoneuritis, also known as APN. It is very similar to Guillain Barre Syndrome in humans, which is often triggered by ...(cont.)

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery posted:

2018-03-08 18:17:04

Bosley the Great Dane 🀩

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery added 9 new photos β€” celebrating graduation.

2018-03-07 20:52:37

Our March graduates! πŸ€©πŸŽ“

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery posted:

2018-03-05 16:05:01

Comment below! 🐢🐱

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery posted:

2018-03-03 12:07:51

We got a visit from Iluka the Aussie Shepherd yesterday 😻 we may have squealed a little!

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery posted:

2018-02-28 16:20:44

Having a bit of fun with our blackboard! 🐢

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery posted:

2018-02-17 13:31:05

Take a guess at how old you think Buddy is in the comments! We will post his age in the comments tomorrow morning to give everyone a chance to guess! 🐱 hint: he is currently our oldest patient! 😡 isn’t he gorgeous!?

NEWSLETTER: Year of the Dog 2018

2018-02-17 10:03:06

Happy Lunar New Year! 2018 - Year of the Dog It’s the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac. There are 12 animal zodiac signs in the lunar calendar and the Dog is one of them. The legend goes that when deciding on the animals to represent each of ...(cont.)

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery updated their cover photo.

2018-01-30 11:44:37

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery shared Extreme Weather's video.

2018-01-29 09:20:11

In this heat we are dreaming of some fun in the snow!

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery posted:

2018-01-25 13:49:20

If you have any concerns while we are closed, please contact Pet Emergency at North Lakes on 3384 2222. We re-open Saturday 8:30am to 12pm as usual! πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery shared BuzzFeed Animals's video.

2018-01-24 21:04:57

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery posted:

2018-01-13 09:26:01

FOUND- male kitten found on Anzac Avenue. If you’re missing your kitten, please contact us on 3284 5133. Proof of ownership required.

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery posted:

2018-01-09 16:39:00

Introducing our new receptionist... Bryn the mini Doberman x !

Peninsula Veterinary Surgery shared World of Puns's photo.

2018-01-08 13:23:25

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